Hanged with a leather chord and cast into a Danish bog 2,300 years ago, Tollund Man was probably a sacrifice. Like other bodies found preserved in Europe's peat bogs, he poses haunting questions. How was he chosen? Who closed his eyes after death? And what god demanded his life? Photograph © RobertClark/Institute

Hanged with a leather chord and cast into a Danish bog 2,300 years ago, Tollund Man was probably a sacrifice. Photograph © RobertClark/Institute

Monk at Ta Prohm. 2008. City: Siem Reap, Cambodia
Photograph © RobertClark/Institute

Ground finches by Darwin on the Galapagos Islands. The diversity of the finches beaks in such an isolated environment help lead Darwin to the theory of natural selection. Photograph © RobertClark/Institute

(left) Genomics uses information technology such as a DNA chip to discover the similarities in this chimpanzee's hand to ours. (right) Vestigial rear foot of a whale-like creature now called Dorudon. Photograph © RobertClark/Institute

Robert Clark is a freelance photographer based in NYC. Early in his career, Clark documented the lives of high-school football players in Odessa, Texas with author H. G. "Buzz" Bissenger, for the book Friday Night Lights. The book was a best seller and became a major motion picture and NBC television series.

In 2003, Anne Wilkes Tucker of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, brought Clark back to Texas to capture the first year of a new NFL team, the Houston Texans. The documentary and portraiture project resulted in one of the museum's most popular exhibits and the publication of a collectible, black-and-white photo book, First Down Houston: Birth of an NFL Franchise. Clark was the principle photographer for First Lady Hillary Clinton's book, An Invitation to the White House.

His coverage of the attack on the World Trade Center, witnessed from his rooftop in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, was recognized at the World Press Photo awards in Amsterdam. He also received a National Magazine Award for "Best Essay" for his National Geographic cover article, Was Darwin Wrong?

His work has appeared in numerous publications, including Time, Sports Illustrated, GEO, Vanity Fair, Stern, and Der Spiegel and
graced some 40 book covers and more than a dozen National Geographic covers. Clark continues his association with National Geographic and is working on a book documenting the birth of the science of evolution. –Robert Clark website


R Montalban said...

His work is really good, and Anne Wilkes Tucker has a great eye.

Ricky Bush said...

Very fascinating!

Linda Starr said...

the photo of tolland man is very haunting indeed.

Meera Rao said...

Such jaxapositioning -Tollund man photos haunting & eerie and the monk peaceful in haunted location!! Thanks for sharing.

Margaret McCarthy said...

Amazing images of Tollund Man. Brings to mind Seamus Heaney's poems about the bog man.
Margaret McCarthy