MONA KUHN: PARIS PHOTO 2011 Book Signing + La Lettre Interview

Mona Kuhn's Bordeaux Series (Steidl, 2011)


PARIS PHOTO: Mona Kuhn signs her newly released monograph, Bordeaux Series, Nov 12 Steidl, Booth D34 from 16:00 to 18:00 and Flowers Gallery, Booth D54.

Read the entire Interview here:
La Lettre de la Photographie 11.11.11

Mona Kuhn, born in São Paulo, Brazil of German descent, now living in Los Angeles, spends her summers in the beautiful countryside near Bordeaux, France. In a house nestled in the pine forest, lit only by oil lamps and candles, she’s been photographing friends, family and friends of friends, nude in a small room for the past three years to create her latest work, Bordeaux Series.
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I spoke with Mona about her new series and her experience working with preeminent photography publisher, Gerhard Steidl:

"With this idea of keeping the palette very classic, black and white and red, I thought the portraits also needed to be kept very simple. Traditional portraiture was a little scary to do because suddenly I’m competing with all the portraiture done before."

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"I was a little worried because I had a lot of prints of nudes to show him and we were in the lobby of this hotel. I was thinking this is not going to work so well. In the past I have always shown him the work in a sequence, instead of showing in a box that you flip, flip, flip. I like sequencing it on a long table so you can look at each image and you can see how they communicate with each other. I talked to someone at the hotel to see if they had a conference room with a table we could just use for ten minutes. They didn’t!"

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"The thing with Gerhard that is so insane, is that I dream of a book and that book is 100% of what I was dreaming. Then when I go to Steidlville in Germany and I show him what I’m thinking about, he always adds another 50% that I could not have seen before, envisioned or dreamed, which is really incredible."read my entire Interview with Mona Kuhn here:

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Larry the Artist said...

I like the comfortable casualness of this images and the deep red drapery.