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Amy Stein and Stacy Arezou Mehrfar | Tall Poppy Syndrome

"In 2010, American photographers Amy Stein and Stacy Arezou Mehrfar embarked on a month-long road trip throughout New South Wales—Australia’s most populous state. They were interested in investigating “Tall Poppy Syndrome.” Is the syndrome even real? Can it be documented or observed? Stein and Mehrfar set out to explore quintessential Australian life and find what evidence they could of the existence of this phenomenon."From the photo editors at Time Magazine

January 10 – February 16  
 Untitled (Boy with Ball)
Evžen Sobek | Life in Blue

Czech photographer Evžen Sobek has been documenting life on the banks of the Nové Mlýny reservoirs in the southern region of the Czech Republic since 2007.
January 10 – February 16  

 Magdalena Sole | Mississippi Delta

"Award winning photographer Magdalena Sole spent a year interviewing and photographing hundreds of residents in the Mississippi Delta, called "the most southern place on earth."

January 11 - February 23
LEICA Gallery, NY
 Starlings (2009) by Randi Lynn Beach
SOAR: Group Exhibition

SOAR featuring the photographs of Randi Lynn Beach, Tom Chambers, Jason Houston, Kat Kiernan, Clay Lipsky, Kerry Mansfield, Michael J. Marshall, Dorothy O’Connor, Emma Powell, Kathleen Robbins, Heather Evans Smith, Gordon Stettinius, Marisol Villanueva and Rebecca Norris Webb

 John Schabel | Passengers
Twin Palms Publishers, 2013

"John Schabel's series of photographs depicting anonymous airline passengers effectively captures the curious blend of impersonal efficiency and poignant humanity that pervades the experience of contemporary commercial air travel."
International Center of Photography
Book Signing: John Schabel's Passengers
Friday, February 8, 6:00pm–7:30pm

 Brown River, 2011. Paper Collage
Casey Ruble Disarmed

"These intimate collages of interior and exterior worlds introduce to us a scene where the description of the main event is absent, but filled in by the supporting details or evidence, suggesting a deeper, often unsettling narrative."
January 16 - February 24
 FOLEY Gallery, NY

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