AMY ARBUS: ICP Book Signing April 26

 Join Amy Arbus for a signing of her new book, After Images, at ICP

ICP Book Signing: Amy Arbus "After Images"
ICP Store, 1133 Avenue of the Americas
Friday, April 26, 6:00pm–7:30pm 
Amy Arbus's fifth book, After Images, is an homage to classic paintings by Picasso, Modigliani, and Cezanne among others. A boxed edition from Schiffer Publishing, it contains 24 color plates and a conversation between Arbus and Larry Fink. After Images is perhaps her most visually arresting photographic series to date. Arbus's chiaroscuro lighting and lush colors produce emotionally dark trompe l'oeil portraits. The photographs are a discussion of what occurs in the lens between the real, the represented, and how memory influences perception. ICP Chief Curator Brian Wallis writes, "her astonishing pitch-perfect pictures say as much about the sweetly treasured past of painting as they do about the unpredictably hybrid future of photography."

Please note that due to professional obligations, photographer's book signing dates may change without notification. Limit of two signed copies per customer. Pre-orders and reserve orders are not guaranteed but every effort is made to fulfill orders. Books must be purchased from the ICP Store. If purchased before date of event, please bring your receipt. For more information, call 212.857.9725. This event takes place during voluntary contribution hours at the museum. (Source: ICP)

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