KERRY SKARBAKKA: 10 Years of Falling at Kopeikin Gallery

 Blue Tree © 2002 Kerry Skarbakka

 Reflected © 2003 Kerry Skarbakka

 Studio © 2003 Kerry Skarbakka

July 20 – September 7

Ten Years of Falling is a significant selection of work from Kerry Skarbakka's long term project, The Struggle to Right Oneself. "Skarbakka photographs himself perpetually falling to an uncertain fate in a series of ambiguous narratives. These images stand as ominous messages and reminders that we are all vulnerable to losing our footing and grasp. Moreover, they convey the primal qualities of the human condition as a precarious balancing act between the struggle against our desire to survive and out fantasy to transcend our humanness."(Kopeikin Gallery)

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