BOOKS I: Photography Books Given and Gotten

In late September 2005, Robert Polidori traveled to New Orleans to record the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina and by the city's broken levees. He found the streets deserted, and, without electricity, eerily dark....read more here

Matthew Flowers with Photographer Robert Polidori
Photo (c) Elizabeth Paul Avedon

Photographs: 2001-2009 is the long awaited first publication of work from Ken Rosenthal. Published on the occasion of his Fall 2011 exhibition at Wall Space Gallery, titled Retrospective, this catalogue offers a condensed yet potent survey of Rosenthal's evocative split toned silver-gelatin prints....read more here

 Ken Rosenthal: Limited Editions
Designed and published by Jace Graf, Cloverleaf Studio

Yes, such a place exists.  It is actually the nickname for several counties in far west central Illinois.  The reason for the nickname started in the 1950s and 1960s when the interstate highway system was being designed and constructed.  Many times a route from Chicago to Kansas City, which would run thru the heart of this region, was considered but....read more here

Having grown up on a Pennsylvania farm, I am inspired by Andrew Wyeth's rural landscapes, characterized by subtle, but powerful emotion. I hope to strike a similar emotional connection in the viewer by illustrating a disturbed ecosytem created by man's self-serving interests....read more here

The images in Genong were taken in the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan, China between 2010-2012. This handmade casebound book is the culmination of the three year photographic project, Genong....view more here

This is the first of several BOOK posts coming up. I was honored to receive most of the above books from their authors, including three from this year's Filter Photo Festival; Kottie Gaydos, Jane Fulton Alt and Bruce Morton. This list includes some famous photography publishers as well as a self-published book or two. – EA

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