FACES: The Darkroom Gallery

JUROR'S CHOICE:  Innocence
 Photograph by John F. Martin

Photograph by Lori Pond

 Photograph by Sheri Lynn Behr

Portraits of Silence, Northern Sri Lanka
 Photograph by Ashok Sinha
David Bram
 Photograph by Nate Mosseau


"Each portrait reveals something of the sitter, the photographer and also of us as viewers. No one image can muster a whole and complete being, no matter how much we believe this could be so. This is the part of the photograph we create in our imagination, we fill in each crack and hole with a sort of personalized reasoning. And all these unknowns in the midst of true transparency."

"Eye contact is made or retracted, body language boastful, reticent or indecipherable. Facial expressions can be hard at work or numbly slack. While subjects have a power over these photographic outcomes, it is the choice of the photographer to coax or mute said expressions for their artistic offering." –  Damaris Drummond, Darkroom Gallery


"As a record number of entries were received for FACES, making the final selection for this exhibit was difficult. There were many impressive images and I found it painful to have to leave any behind. Among the many well-composed portraits, I chose images based not only on technical skills, but also on an indefinable element surrounding the expression or emotion projected. I favored images that evoked an air of mystery or clarity; a moment of joy; a secret not shared or a place we may never visit - a point in time captured in the past suggesting unknown possibilities in the future."– Juror, Elizabeth Avedon

Dec 12 – Jan 5, 2014
 Faces Artist's Reception
Sunday, January 5, 2014 at 3:00pm
Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, Vermont

Juror: Elizabeth Avedon 


Susan May Tell said...

Excellent exhibition / choices!

John F Martin said...

Thank you for selecting my image for juror's choice. I'm very pleased to be included with this very talented group of artists. I'll see you at the reception.