NICK BRANDT: Across The Ravaged Land

 Across the Ravaged Land (Abrams, 2013)
Nick Brandt's final book in his trilogy documenting 
the disappearing natural world and animals of East Africa. 

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Lion Trophy, Chyulu Hills, 2012
Photograph © 2012 Nick Brandt 

 Calcified Fish Eagle, Lake Natron 2012
Photograph © 2012 Nick Brandt
Lion & Wildebeest, Amboseli 2012
Photograph © 2012 Nick Brandt

Elephant Skull, Amboseli 2010
Photograph © 2011 Nick Brandt 

Now in his third book, Across the Ravaged Land, Brandt has taken his stately images to the next level, exposing a darker vision. These extraordinary photographs, shot between 2010 and 2012, are haunting. Through the series of dried and calcified animals out on a weathered and ravaged land, elephants watching protectively over an elephant skull, or lion and buffalo heads mounted on posts as trophies overlooking the Chyulu Hills of Kenya, Brandt brings us full circle back to a solemn close to his trilogy of books documenting the disappearing natural world and animals of East Africa." – Elizabeth Avedon (photo-eye)

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Elephants Walking Through Grass, Amboseli 2008
Leading Matriarch Killed By Poachers, 2009 
 Photograph ©2011 Nick Brandt 

Ranger with Tusks of Killed Elephants, Amboseli 2011
Photograph © 2011 Nick Brandt


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