"Southern Stories" Photograph by Jessica Hines

Thank you to ALL who entered Castell Photography Gallery's 2014 NEXT Juried Exhibition. I was looking for exceptional photography with a unique perspective and a cohesive look from a single, unified body of work. There were a record number of entries and it was exciting to see such wonderful works from a diverse selection of artist's. This year's NEXT exhibition will include the work of: Ben Altman, Bina Altera, Sheri Lynn Behr, Christopher Borrok, Debi Cornwall, Sharron Diedrichs, KK DePaul, Francisco Diaz, Deb Young, Fran Forman, Juno Gemes, Ray Grasse, Lavonne Hall, Jessica Hines, Bilo Hussein, Ellen Jantzen, Michael Jantzen, Sarah Jun, Won Kim, Karen Klinedinst, David Shannon-Lier, Ben Marcin, Jennifer Mcclure, Jim McKinniss, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Jessica Owen, Randhy Rodriguez, Donna Rosser, Mark Roussel, Andi Schreiber, Magdalena Sole, and Kevin Wo.

Awards will be announced
Opening Night, November 7, 2014
Castell Photography Gallery
 2C Wilson Alley, Asheville, North Carolina

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