CHRIS ANTHONY: Seas Without A Shore

Hippocampus 18
Photograph © Chris Anthony

Photograph © Chris Anthony

Hippocampus 17
Photograph © Chris Anthony

Annabel Lee
Photograph © Chris Anthony

Informed by the prose and imagery of Edgar Allen Poe, Chris Anthony’s “Seas Without A Shore” includes wet plate collodion prints along with color photographs. Part mystic, part conjurer, vaudeville ringmaster and antique portraitist, Chris Anthony is a rare artist. His ability to set both simple and elaborate stages creates elegant enigmas throughout his work that allow the viewer to witness something of a different reality while exploring themes of solitude, hope and survival.

Anthony was born in Sweden, now lives and works in Los Angeles. His work implements the wet plate collodion process beautifully along with using 150 year old lenses. His vision takes us to a selective and sophisticated level of image making with fictional narratives from the bizarre to the banal.

“Making the masks, and many of the props and costumes is a big part of the process and it helps me define this unique and demented little world I live and shoot in. The mysteries of the sea is certainly a big part of the subject matter in these pictures with color images of survivors braving waves and currents, perhaps the result of a future world where ocean tides will wash away the planet’s coastlines.”
Nov 15, 2014 – Jan 12, 2015
Seas Without A Shore
 Limited Edition Cover with Slipcase

 Seas Without A Shore
The Book


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