LENSCRATCH: The Elizabeth Avedon Mixtape

Greeting Lucille Ball, Hobby Airport, Houston, Texas

LENSCRATCH is revisiting some of our favorite posts, Mixtapes, and Interviews this week! Today we feature Elizabeth Avedon’s Mixtape and learn more about her remarkable life and celebrate her contributions to our community. Elizabeth carries a lifetime of creative seeing, that combined with her exposure to the greats of design and photography, add up to a remarkable ability to make her mark on all aspects of design that surround the photograph. Her down-to-earth generosity and unflagging enthusiasm for all things photographic make her a very special member of our community. It is with great pleasure that I introduce THE ELIZABETH AVEDON MIXTAPE!

LENSCRATCH is a daily journal that explores contemporary photography and offers opportunities for exposure and community. Created in 2007, Aline Smithson set a goal of writing about a different photographer each day, presenting work in a way that allows for a deeper understanding of a photographer’s intent and vision. Thanks to LENSCRATCH for this Mixtape Rerun!

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