Photograph © Estate of Diane Arbus

DIANE ARBUS b. March 14, 1923, d. July 26, 1971

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The more specific you are, the more general it'll be

The documentary below (in 4 parts) explores the work and ideas of photographer Diane Arbus in her own words as spoken by a close friend. It includes reflections by some of the people who knew her best; daughter Doon Arbus, teacher Lisette Model, colleague Marvin Israel, and then Director of the Museum of Modern Art Photography Department, John Szarkowski, from a PBS 1972 Documentary.

Masters of Photography Diane Arbus Part 1 (Doon Arbus)
Masters of Photography
Diane Arbus Part 2 (Lisette Model)
Masters of Photography
Diane Arbus Part 3 (Marvin Israel)
Masters of Photography Diane Arbus Part 4 (John Szarkowski)

Conversation with Alan Cumming and Amy Arbus
Who Is Marvin Israel? Trailer


Karen and Sara Brown said...

love this tribute...stumbled upon amy arbus' "on the street" on a friend's coffee table...also a gem.


Carlos Lorenzo said...

I was aware of the documentary but never got to watch it. Thanks for reminding me of it. No need to say her photographs are inspirational. Also enjoyed the brief homage video dedicated to Marvin Israel.

-K- said...

I never knew this existed. I'll be watching it all the way through right now (so much for laundry and straightening this place up).

Thank you!

Russ Martin said...

These are great videos. A lot of wisdom is in them. I wish I could have seen them when I was in grad school back in the early 70's. I'm sure they would have affected my photography.