offSET #32, Burbank, 2008 © Lacey Terrell / All rights reserved

offSET #18, Morocco, 2008 © Lacey Terrell / All rights reserved

offSET #29, New York, 2008 © Lacey Terrell / All rights reserved

"In this series, I have used my experience as a still photographer on films and locations as a starting point, but have turned my camera off set. Slipping behind the metaphoric curtain of center stage, I will look back at the constructed reality being played out, or wander into uninhabited areas. I am intrigued by where the artifice of movie making and the 'real' intermingle. As I hunt for images that occupy this space, I become a flâneur of sorts; a solitary figure roaming the outskirts of the location, studying the spectacle before me, looking for things unnoticed by others." Lacey Terrell was one of 100 photographers invited to participate in Review Santa Fe 2009.
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Anonymous said...

I love this series! My own personal motto is taking the ordinary to the extraordinary. These are along the same thought but with a depth of perception, a sensitivity I sure would like to emulate someday.
Have you seen Todd Hildo's work?

And thank you for the compliment of following my blog.