Flash-Flood Issue One

Flash-Flood Issue One Contributor's: Jonathan Blaustein, Jesse Chehak, David Ondrik, Jennifer Schlesinger and Melanie McWhorter. Flash-Flood is a new media collective that investigates and promotes the intersection of photography and culture in the state of New Mexico. Flash-Flood


Bea said...

WOW, I clicked on your link and looked at the first edition and the names posted. I was floored by Linda Connor's work. Just beautiful. http://www.edelmangallery.com/connor.htm
PS thank you again.

lizblog said...

Bea, I agree with you about Linda Connor's beautiful work. She's photographed all over the world and many of the most spiritual locations and brought back amazing photographs.

DHD Design Studio said...

I miss this kind of intelligence. We lived in Santa Fe for two years before moving to Paris. I have not found the same creative assembly, or synergy here.