HASSELBLAD MASTERS of PHOTOGRAPHY 2009 Finalists Exhibition: NYC Oct. 22

Fairgrounds (c) Sean Perry / Fine Art Category
Finalist, Hasselblad Masters Award 2009

Fireman (c) Brad Wilson / Portraits Category
Finalist, Hasselblad Masters Award 2009

The Hasselblad Masters Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, each year celebrating the best in both established and rising photographic talent. Masters Awards are given in recognition of a photographer's contribution to the art of photography and are judged on overall photographic ability, encompassing creativity, composition, conceptual strength, and technical skill.

October 22 10 am-10 pm

NYC Oct 22: Hasselblad will be presenting their Hasselblad Masters of Photography 2009 Finalists Exhibition during the Photo Plus Expo in NYC. This all-day event at Milk Studios Penthouse (450 West 15th St, NYC), includes an exclusive portfolio review with Bruce Davidson, Master 2008 photographer August Bradley is giving a exclusive live fashion/portrait photo seminar, Master 2001 photographer Michael Grecco will talk about work flow during a live shooting and throughout the day hands-on demos of Hassy gear, live model shooting and an early look at this year's finalist in each category, 100 images from 100 photographers. REGISTER HERE

Hasselblad Masters of Photography 2009 Finalist GALLERY

Photographs above are two of the 100 finalists in 10 different categories for the 2009 Hasselblad Masters of Photography: Top: Sean Perry/Fairgrounds, Bottom: Brad Wilson/Firemen

Hasselblad Masters of Photography 2009: Hong Kong Exhibition Video


Caio Fern said...

what a wonderful post !!
the Sean Pery really captured me ... but the 3 are great !!
thank you Elizabeth .

Paula Werner Severo said...

Perfect shots!! Your photos are really good... congratulations! =]

Asdrubal Cesar Russo said...


Lucas Mendes said...

Very nice to find you blob! loved the photos! good work!

Kcalpesh said...

Congratulations! These are wonderful photos! Great display of photography skills!

- Pixellicious Photos

Cindy said...

I love the portrait, it speaks to me...take care, love your blog. very interesting.

Mike said...

There are quite a lot of dreadful images in that collection. I confess I didn't have the patience to look at all photos in all categories. Still, it seems to me that Hasselblad needs to rethink the idea.
No reflection on you or your blog which I greatly enjoy visiting daily.

lizblog said...

Mike: I don't entirely agree. There are many excellent photographs with possibly a few not so greats. Both photographers I chose to sample above were selected to participate in the well juried "Review Santa Fe". Thanks for commenting.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I am delighted to have found your blog through your signing up to follow my Daily Photo site on Costa Rica. I am flattered and honored that you have done so and have signed up to follow your blog and look forward to keeping up with your future posts.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

I like the Farigrounds quite a bit, air and movement.

I V Y said...

i love these photos! the first one especially!

kadler said...

These are stunning. Just wish I lived in NY!

Sergio López said...

This camera is a gem ... I have to save a few years to get my hands on one! jajaja

Betty Manousos said...

Hi Elizabeth,
There's a post on a famous photographer in my blog today.
I'd appreciate it if you can go through it.

Ezhilan said...

The top photo has a nice view point. The face in the bottom photo looks natural.

✿France✿ said...

une photo très belle bravo à toi et merci pour ce doux partage

Michael Jackson said...

These photos are great - I think that the Masters Award gives a lot to photographers on their way up - a tour around the world is priceless!