MICHAEL AVEDON: Self Portrait with Mask

Self Portrait
Photograph (c) Michael Avedon
/ All rights reserved


Tammie Lee said...

wonderful portrait, even more as an alternative self. perhaps every photo we take is a reflection of some sort.

little augury said...

A wonderful self portrait- a visible third eye.

Anonymous said...

This is a masterful photograph. Good luck with your future work.

Jeff C.-S. said...

Elizabeth - I love this blog. So much information and so many artists highlighted. I arrived on your site looking for information on rare photo book collecting (thank you for the resource!) and then continued browsing which is when I came across this photo. I was just in a class at ICP with Mike and saw this photo there...really liked it and was surprised to see it in here.

Anyway thanks again for your work on this blog!! As I pursue a new career in photography I suspect I will make many trips back as part of my education.