Mr. Ping
Photograph © Chip Simons/ All rights reserved

Photograph © Chip Simons/ All rights reserved

Photograph © Chip Simons/ All rights reserved

Photograph © Chip Simons/ All rights reserved

Photograph © Chip Simons/ All rights reserved

...pets, since the very beginnings of human culture, have lived by a different set of rules than other animals Ptolemy Tompkins "The Divine Life of Animals"
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Photographer Chip Simons, now Albuquerque based, has worked for countless publications from Time, Esquire, GQ, People, Scientific America, Audubon, Rolling Stone, and Forbes. He's shot advertising for Coke, Shimano, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Apple Computer, to name a few. He is known for his wide angle and fish-eye lenses, and his use of colored lights and light painting techniques...as well as his creative and conceptual approach to all things Americana. Check out Chip Simons Website

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Have You Read...Ptolemy Tompkins, The Divine Life of Animals: One Man's Quest to Discover Whether the Souls of Animals Live On. He received both a New York Times Book Review and an excerpt in The New York Times newspaper on the same day! In his Huffington Post Interview, Do Our Pets Go To Heaven, "Tompkins undertakes an exploration into the myths and beliefs across time that have defined animals' place in the metaphysical scheme of things". Ptolemy, the son of 1970s guru and best-selling New-Age cult author, Peter Tompkins (The Secret Life of Plants, Secrets of the Great Pyramid, and Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids), is himself the author of four critically praised books, The Beaten Path: Field Notes on Getting Wise in a Wisdom-Crazy World, Paradise Fever: Growing Up in the Shadow of the New Age, The Monkey in Art, and This Tree Grows Out of Hell, a spiritual history of Mesoamerica. More about Ptolemy


Gina Kelly said...

Love these!! Also enjoyed the Tompkins interview - thanks for sharing!

Pretty Zesty said...

Those are some cool pics of dogs!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Delightful photos..so much animation! Thank you for sharing! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Rikke said...

Oh I love:)

Through The Lens said...

lovely pics, very beautiful and good taken :)


Leovi said...

Me encantan estas fotos, Bonitas composiciones, que miradas, parece que tienen un gran alma.

Bruce Barone said...

Great images!!!

becky said...

Very cool photos... I'll have to check out his site.
I don't comment often, but always enjoy dropping in to check out all the wonderful artists here!

Sharon said...

Wonderful work!


Retriever said...

Love the dog picturs. Off to take some more of mine...