SUSAN MAY TELL: André Kertész

Photograph (c) Susan May Tell /All Rights Reserved

When André Kertész, my favorite photographer of all time, and who lived nearby in Greenwich Village, saw this photograph he told me: "Many times I see that and say I have to photograph it. Now that I've seen this, I no longer have to."–Susan May Tell

–from Susan May Tell's slide presentation Photographs of Space, Silence, and Solitude, hosted by photographer David Brommer, B+H's Event Space Coordinator.


Bruce Barone said...




Susan May Tell said...

Thank you Elizabeth - both for attending the lecture and blogging about it! I feel so fortunate to have known André Kertész -- and his breathtaking and inspiring photographs.

Laurent said...

Only 5 minutes ago, over a mug of morning coffee, I reconciled a resolve affirmed only yesterday, to acquire today an example of a device I haven't used in decades, an early vintage of the Leica M-3 with the original collapsible Summicron lens. The remark that leapt every gap of bemusement in my mind? "If it was good enough for André Kertész..."

The question turned on more than the elementary character of the implement. It turned on the immediacy of its challenge. Reading this narrative, and seeing this picture, I know I'll be re-entering a mode of seeing which is disciplining and enabling at the same time, assuming an obligation and a mechanism of meeting it that leaves me no excuse.

The photograph is magnificent.

Susan May Tell said...


"Disciplining and enabling" - beautifully said.

Very much appreciate your comment about the photograph.