ASMPNY: Join Me for Conversations on Fine Art Photography Bloggers


Fine art photography blogs have changed the landscape for sharing and reviewing work. Blogs are more personal and idiosyncratic while attracting a wide audience, and doing so more quickly and inexpensively. Photographers no longer have to wait for a review of a bricks-and-mortar exhibition by a very small group of print publications. The objective of this night is to inform photographers about fine art photography blogging and how to get your work noticed.

Nov 3rd 7-9 pm Soho Photo 15 White St NYC


Susan May Tell said...

Elizabeth - I am so looking forward to hearing what you and the other panelists say. We photogs are going to learn so much! I was contacted by an ASMP photog in Cairo Egypt who is hoping for a summation. Not kidding!

Thanks for being on the panel.


Ricky Bush said...

Thanks for this post, Elizabeth. Now, I'm aware of a few other photo blogger sites.

Unknown said...

This looks very interesting and I would love to come but, unfortunately, I live in London. I look forward to reading a summary here (hopefully!)

Thanks for sharing the info.


Unknown said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I went to the panel last night and I learned a lot of useful information from you and the other panelists. I was on the fence about making my own blog but after last night I am going to definitely do it. Thanks again.

Greg Brophy