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POINT 660, 08/2008
Photograph (c) Olaf Otto Becker /All Rights Reserved

Becker photographed glaciologist and climate researchers, Konrad Steffen and seven scientists, at their measuring station, Swiss Camp, where they work on predicting the planet's future. Even at Point 660, a popular tourist spot, taking photographs of one another proudly in this formidable landscape may soon be over. 

RIVER 3, POSITION 1, 07/2008
Photograph (c) Olaf Otto Becker /All Rights Reserved

Olaf Otto Becker | Above Zero
photo-eye Magazine

Becker is a modern day explorer, no less a pioneer than his famous "pole fever" predecessors, from Carsten Borchgrevink, the first Norwegian explorer to set foot in Antarctica, to Ernest Shackleton's well-known Endurance expedition. Between 2003 and 2006, Becker traveled a total of 2,500 miles up and down the coast of Greenland in a rigid inflatable boat...One hundred years from now his photographs may be all that's left to view of this extraordinary world.From Elizabeth Avedon's photo-eye Review of Above Zero

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Kristin H said...

Ice-cold sad beauty. Thanks!

kyungmee said...

Oh..so beautiful!! Everyone's dream...sorry for the long absence! Wonderful to come back to great images/posts!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

This is just amazing...like waves of ice. I love it all pristine and untouched by man.

Ya'll have the most wonderfully bless and beautiful 'fall' day!!! :o)

Bruce Barone said...

Stunning and Beautiful images.

I am reminded of an exhibit I saw up here in Western Massachusetts: