SLANE: New Name | New Logo Design

  Landon Slane's Collection Preview at The Lambs Club

Landon Slane and Alexander Vreeland, SLANE President and COO
[2012 update: Vreeland is now President of Diana Vreeland LLC]

"I returned to NY in order to find projects that could both fascinate me and give me new challenges. I have found all of this and more in Slane." –Alexander Vreeland on his move from Paris to New York

Landon and Heath Slane

"Bi-coastal sisters Heath and Landon Slane joined creative forces in 1995 to design a line of high end sterling silver jewelry. Their vision for the collection was then and remains today a varied mix of influences to include: architecture, nature and spiritual symbols. Each of their collections represents both their philosophical and aesthetic sensibility.

Drawn to the healing and transformative powers of jewelry, Heath and Landon continue to welcome a collaborative approach to the design process and to the creative realization of jewelry totems which afford comfort or meaning to their owners.
Collections consist of an array of shapes and textures which have numerous classical influences with contemporary appeal. Designing a palette from which women could create their own SLANE (formerly known as Slane & Slane) look has been the intention of the design-duo since the company’s inception. An unintended but celebrated distinction in the business is its founding and operation by women, who design for women.

Heath serves on the board of Los Angeles based Street Poets, a poetry-based peace-making organization dedicated to the creative process as a force for individual and community transformation. Heath has been a board member since 1998.
Landon has served on the board of DreamYard since 1995. DreamYard is a New York-based organization which transforms Bronx public schools and communities through the power of project-based arts learning.Heath and Landon have only used 100% recycled sterling silver and eighteen karat gold which is 80% recycled. All diamonds are conflict free."Website

Illustration by Kareem Iliya featuring SLANE's signature "Twin Link" necklace. New Logo Design by Elizabeth Avedon

The Old Logo Above

Rebranding: New Name
New Logo Design by Elizabeth Avedon

The new logo I designed for SLANE reflects the brands sleek, modern look and defines the companies new singular name SLANE (formerly Slane and Slane). The Heart represents both of the sisters, created using two cap S's facing each other in the typeface Colonna. A new Website (SlaneJewelry.com) and an informative blog will be coming in a few months. Shop for Slane Holiday gifts on their current site, Slane and Slane.


Anonymous said...

The illustration is wonderful somewhat mystic very relaxing at the same time. Congratulations, for an extremely well presented post.

Anna Mavromatis said...

I love the jewelry and the logo's elegant simplicity translates their philosophy and suits the collection perfectly! Beautiful!!!

Bruce Barone said...

I LOVE the new Logo!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

I really love the new logo- what a fantastic artist, Slane has some beautiful things . pgt

LizBlog said...

Thank you all. I was inspired by Heath and Landon's Designs.

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