NUEVA LUZ: Ippie Award Nomination

5058A-19617 (Native Americans) Camp Home series
Photograph © Kevin J. Miyazaki

153C–19617 (Quilt), Camp Home series
Photograph © Kevin J. Miyazaki

Isabel resting on the way home after helping her grandfather gathering pasture (quelite) for their goats during drought time. Isabel and her Grandfather, Close to Earth series, 2007. Photograph © Elizabeth Moreno

Ranch house at the Kakiwi Valleys, home of four goat-keeper families. After a good rainy season they fill up with water offering good pasture, but at times they have gone up to six years without rain, pushing the rancheros to migrate to other areas of the sierra. Los Llanos de Kakiwi, Close to Earth series, 2010. Photograph © Elizabeth Moreno

Dinner for 3, Domestic Observations and Occurrences series, 2005
Photograph © Cecil McDonald, Jr.

Frances Before Dinner, Domestic Observations and Occurrences series, 2006
Photograph © Cecil McDonald, Jr.

Nueva Luz Photographic Journal

Nueva Luz is a unique tri-annual photographic journal, featuring work by contemporary fine art and documentary photographers of African, Asian, Latino, and Native American heritage. It was awarded two 2011 and 2009 Ippie Awards for Best Photographic Essay, and nominated for another in 2012. Nueva Luz includes beautifully reproduced portfolios by remarkable photographers, with essays by leading photography curators, critics and authors from around the world.

The above photographers are featured in the new issue:
Nueva Luz, Spring 2012 16#2

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Adriano said...

Hello Elizabeth!

I am visiting your blog! it's beautiful!

His fantastic job, delighted con wo images!


Greetings from Brazil ..................Adriano

Olli said...


what wonderfull pictures.
Thank you for showing them, every time i look at them it feels like i`m on a journey. have a look at my blog, in the next time i will show pictures from my holiday last year on the phillipinnes. My best friend lives there and married last year.

Many greetings from Germany
Olli (ovo)