SUZANNE PAUL: A Moment in Houston

Dick Wray Abstract Expressionist Artist
Photograph © Estate of Suzanne Paul

Edward Albee, 1999 Playwright
Photograph © Estate of Suzanne Paul

Angelbert Metoyer Contemporary Artist
Photograph © Estate of Suzanne Paul

A Moment in Houston / Photographs by Suzanne Paul
Installation photograph by Theresa Escobedo, Deborah Colton Gallery

Walter Hopps Director, Menil Collection
Photograph © Estate of Suzanne Paul

The late Walter Hopps [legendary Founding Director of the Menil Collection, Houston, Texas] stated, "Suzanne Paul should be recognized as one of the finest photographers to come out of Houston. Her essential medium is black and white photography, and her most important subject matter is portraiture. Not all photographers are skilled printers of their work. Paul is a superb printer achieving areas of deep black in line with her instinct for the chiaroscuro lighting of the subject. Having been the subject of one of Paul's portraits, I have experienced the directness and honesty of her work. She has caught an unidealized view of who I am."

There is a belief in many cultures that the camera is capable of stealing the human soul or spirit. Suzanne Paul's camera may not steal the soul, but it certainly captures it and the spirit within.Clint Willour, Collector and Director of the Galveston Arts Center

The late Suzanne deYoung Paul (b. 1945 - d. 2005), a pioneer female photographer in Houston, was best known for her intuitive portraits of the art world. Being the first female photographer to have a solo exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and many other prestigious exhibitions including The Fort Worth Art Museum, Galveston Arts Center, private galleries and museums, Paul became known for her portraits of such well known artists as Julian Schnabel, Mel Chin, Andy Warhol and playwright Edward Albee. In addition she photographed Houston curators and patrons such as Walter Hopps, Anne Wilkes Tucker, Jim Harithas, Alison De Lima Greene, Alfred Glassell and Edward Mayo. Several of her photographs are in the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

FotoFest and the Deborah Colton Gallery present an exhibition of portraits by Suzanne Paul “A Moment in Houston” that include twelve gelatin silver prints. "Suzanne Paul left us with a compelling visual documentation of our City’s art history and in doing so, of humanity itself."– Deborah Colton

FotoFest 2012 Exhibitions
Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston

Suzanne Paul: A Moment in Houston
Focus on Russia I, Olga Tobreluts; Focus on Russia II, Oleg Dou
Jonas Mekas, Contemporary Photographers from China
and Jay Rusovich to April 28, 2012

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Susan May Tell said...

Powerful portraits filled with humanity. Honest and direct. No artifice.

Joanna Black said...

These are stunning portraits!

Angelbert Metoyer said...

Wow I remember this, Suzy would come over every day and take a picture and talk about all the artist that left Houston and the ones that stayed, she was a sweet Lady !!

I was trying to guess what year it was - 1997-98 - a great year, I was racing cars, and painting!!

Anonymous said...

These are some of the best portraits I've seen in years. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

We miss her too so much. The impressions she made on us as a human being were just as awesome as her art.

Larry the Artist said...

Compelling image of Edward Albee.

the plant gardener said...

Each portrait is a story in itself...I like that there is no distraction within the photographs.