Women Photographers with their Cameras

O'Keeffe with her Leica, Abiquiu, New Mexico, 1966
© Todd Webb Courtesy of Evans Gallery and
Estate of Todd & Lucille Webb, Portland, Maine


Dorothea Lange and the Zeiss Jewell Camera, 1937
Courtesy of the Scott Nichols Gallery
Copyright © Rondal Partridge

Dorothy Bohm at 18 years old, Manchester, 1942
©Dorothy Bohm Archive

“I get out my work and have a show for myself before I have it publicly. I make up my own mind about it - how good or bad or indifferent it is. After that the critics can write what they please. I have already settled it for myself so flattery and criticism go down the same drain and I am quite free.”
– Georgia O'Keefe

Women Photographers With Their Cameras
was entirely inspired by Alan Griffiths
Luminous Lint


R Montalban said...

O'Keiff was a very strong woman.

Susan May Tell said...

These are great to see!

George McKay said...

Love these images and the work of the photographers who took them. Also check out Vivian Maier, one of the great photographic discoveries and stories in recent years.


Valéry Lorenzo said...

Passion flowers

Mark Turpin said...

Hi Elizabeth, I thought you would like to see a picture of Gisele Wulfsohn - passionate South African photographer on my blog: