SEAN PERRY: Promo Card Branding + Design/s

Tatara Bridge, Japan, 2013

 Three Crows, Kyoto, Japan, 2013

Photographer Sean Perry has been working in Texas all year and wanted to let his clients and colleagues know he would be available for assignments in New York this summer from June 15th to August 15th. Designed to perfection, Perry took this opportunity to show some of his new work in his latest promo pieces. His well thought out 'branded' look is reflected in the design of his website, his editioned portfolio, books and catalogs. These promo cards mirror this branded look using his chosen font, Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Condensed, while giving the background of the card (see below) a sort of antiqued effect also used on his web pages. Check out Perry's website here

 Nijo Castle, Japan, 2013

Shore of Miyajima, Japan, 2013
 Featured in the Summer Issue of Shots Magazine

 Sean Perry's "Promo Cards" announce his availability for Assignments
(Enlarge image to see Design features)


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