LESLIE JEAN-BART : Memories of Childhood

'The Pull from The Sea'
© Leslie Jean-Bart 2018
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'Strolling' and 'Contrasting Views'
© Leslie Jean-Bart 2018

"The sea is magical to me. That is something I became aware of at an extremely early age when my older brother and I started to swim in the ocean where, during the summer in Haiti, we would spend countless hours of absolute delight. These memories have nourished and sustained me somehow. By the sea I can regain my balance, by the sea I can think clearer, by the sea I can create, and by the sea I can be a child again without care what others may think." – Leslie Jean-Bart

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One of my favorite photographers, Leslie Jean-Bart, is featured in the "Portfolio Showcase" exhibition ‘Memories of Childhood’ at Davis Orton Gallery. Also showing are Michal Greenboim,  Kev Filmore and Flynn Larsen. Opening Celebration and Artist Talk Saturday April 7th from 5-7pm.

‘Memories of Childhood’
 Michal Greenboim and Kev Filmore
 Leslie Jean-Bart and Flynn Larsen
April 7th - May 6th, 2018
Hudson, NY


Leslie Jean-Bart said...

Thanks much, Elizabeth.

Raphael Shammaa said...

Wonderful work. Wonderful gallery.