SYLVIA PLACHY: New York City Panoramas

Hanging out in the Bronx, 1989
Photograph © Sylvia Plachy/Edges

Mannequin Under a Crashed Car, Midtown
Photograph © Sylvia Plachy

Love In the Afternoon, Central Park
Photograph © Sylvia Plachy

Anonymous in the Subway
Photograph © Sylvia Plachy

Theater of the Street the Bronx, 1989
Photograph © Sylvia Plachy

Newlyweds on top of the Empire State Building
Photograph © Sylvia Plachy

New York City Panoramas | Photographs by Sylvia Plachy

Sylvia Plachy's New York City Panoramas can be seen at the recently reopened South Street Seaport Museum. After being closed for nearly a year, two of their sixteen new galleries are dedicated to photography exhibitions curated by Elisabeth Biondi.

"Sylvia Plachy seeks and finds her images wherever she goes. She captures fleeting moments in time with her roaming eye. She says the panoramic frame intensifies her perceptions. It allows her to get close to her subjects, to be inside their space, and to be surrounded by it — unorthodox, whimsical, and close. One senses that she does not simply compose her photographs so much as she inhabits them. They read like private pictographs — lyrical memories of what, and how, she saw." Read all of Elisabeth Biondi's piece about the exhibition on La Lettre de la Photographie, including work by Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao.

New York City Panoramas | Curated by Elisabeth Biondi
South Street Seaport Museum
12 Fulton Street, NYC
until Spring 2012


Bruce Barone said...

One of the greatest.

Unknown said...

beautiful images. life of the city recorded...

Meera Rao said...

These are so captivating shots!