NEW DELTA RISING: Magdalena Solé

University Press of Mississippi,
Dreyfus Health Foundation, Rogosin Institute, 2012

Photograph (c) Magdalena Solé

Photograph (c) Magdalena Solé

Young Ladies SlowExposures 2011 Exhibition
Photograph (c) Magdalena Solé

Photograph (c) Magdalena Solé

I have returned to the Delta a dozen times.
Always for the same reason: the people.

New Delta Rising | Photographs by Magdalena Solé
An exploration of life in the Mississippi Delta

The Mississippi Delta has been called "the most southern place on earth. Award-winning photographer Magdalena Solé spent a year interviewing and photographing hundreds of residents in the Mississippi Delta. The deep connection she felt comes through in the compelling images in this book. Solé captures their personal dignity, resilience, and resourcefulness, along with the closeness of family and community she found among them. (publisher)

"People in the Delta have stories, music, love and deep care for their community, irrespective of the hardship they endure. I was drawn to the people I encountered. They were unlike most I had known. They allowed me to slip into their midst as if they had known me for a long time, and we could share stories, laughter, sorrow and silence. This didn’t happen one time, it happened every day in every town.
" – Magdalena Solé read more here

Photo-Op: Delta Hues "Ms. Solé's lushly colorful and formally striking images are restless. The people of Clarksdale are lively and in motion, contrasting sharply with their crumbling surroundings."

New Delta Rising
Photographs by Magdalena Solé
Text by Barry H. Smith and Tom Lassiter


Susan May Tell said...

Beautiful and beautifully seen photographs.

Larry said...

Interesting images. I've listened to a lot of music that mentions the Mississippi Delta-but never checked out any delta related images.

George McKay said...

I love this sort of work - capturing the essence of a particular locale and the people who inhabit it. Will definitely add this book to my collection.

Avtoprokat said...

Nice post with excellent pictures. The pictures alone would make me want to go there, because they show how much character the place has!