Photographs by Janelle Lynch. Essay by Nancy Weekly

"Presence celebrates my kinship with Charles Burchfield, which is based on a reverence for and anthropomorphic vision of the natural world, an appreciation for solitude as well as close relationships, and a commitment to creative freedom.”—Janelle Lynch 

"Lynch was first drawn to Burchfield’s work in 2006 due to a shared capacity to imagine human-like characteristics in nature; hence,she anthropomorphizes her subjects. Lynch, like Burchfield, was inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s nature writings and transcendental philosophy, which suggests the natural world is formed and informed by spirits, and that its elements are symbols of a great spirituality. Lynch’s work reflects a recent shift among artists away from secular concerns towards a renewed interest in the metaphysical in art." A selection of sixteen works made during her residency are being shown. Read more here.

on view through November 30, 2014

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