SEAN PERRY: Critical Mass 2014

 "Surfland" photolucida, 2009
08.07.04 #1 Abbey
Photograph © Joni Sternbach

"Findings" photolucida, 2005
White Terns, Midway Atoll, 2000 
Photograph © Hiroshi Watanabe

On the Wonder of Asymmetry, Part One

I am quite fond of the phrase asymmetric opportunity – parlance divined from a curious fascination with the renegade spirits who define finance. I am particularly inspired by the adroit Paul Tudor Jones, to look for and capitalize upon these succulent rarities whenever one can.

Critical Mass is part of photolucida, an outstandingly run arts nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon. It's directed by the lovely Laura Moya and has a fantastic board and group of contributors. I will save the photolucida reviews for another time, today I want to tell you about Critical Mass.

You submit a 10 image portfolio with associated information to a pre-screening review committee of 25 jurors. They select 200 of the best portfolios and that is then sent to over 200 reviewers/jurors. Yes, 200! From the curated 200, the Top 50 are announced and awards are selected including a monograph. I have a sweet (and scarce) collection of titles from past winners, including Camille Seaman, Joni Sternbach and Hiroshi Watanabe. Another inspired detail, when you participate you receive a copy of their book even if you don't make the Top 50.

"The Last Iceberg" photolucida, 2006
Stranded Iceberg I, Cape Bird, Antarctica 2006
Photograph © Camille Seaman

I encourage the perusal of outstanding Reviewers, even if you feel your project is not yet ripe to apply. The Picture Review alumni use these calls as a little black book – it is a great way to know who does what, where and prepare for a time when perhaps you are ready.

My past submissions proved helpful in many ways, including tangible benefits to my career path and relationships. Also the important practice of presenting new work. I would love to win the book prize (of course!) but in truth, that's not the reason for doing this.

Potentially 225+ legit reviews of your work for $75.00. If you make the top 200, you have to pony-up to move forward. I believe $200.00, which works out to $1.22 per review/contact.

So beautifully asymmetric. You will find no better example in photography calls today asking the risk of little, in exchange for generous passage and potential. July 16th is the deadline to enter, I wish you all luck and triumph.
Registration for Critical Mass 2014 is open until July 16th, 2014
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