SVA MPS DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Book+Branding Class of 2014. Part III

 MARK ROUSSEL  Finding and Losing My Father
Photograph (c) 2014 Marc Roussel

Photograph (c) 2014 Evelina Reinhart

HENNY GYLFA  Park Hill Boxing Club
Photograph (c) 2014 Henny Gylfa

Photograph (c) 2014 Jaime Shields

SHARRON DIEDRICHS Burden of Existence
 Photograph (c) 2014 Sharron Diedrichs

 WON KIM Stereotypes
Photograph (c) 2014 Won Kim

ERIKA VELASQUEZ  Below The Surface
Photograph (c) 2014 Erika Velasquez

ZILAN FAN Between Dream and Reality
Photograph (c) 2014 Zilan Fan

Photograph (c) 2014 Taylor Mickle

SVA Masters in Digital Photography 2014 Grads - Part III

Leading-edge Masters Degree program in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts, Chaired by "Photoshop Diva" Katrin Eismann (check out her Books on Amazon!), with Associate Chair and "Color Guru" Tom P. Ashe, (check out his Color Management book); and with an unbelievable faculty of photography professionals I'd list but do not want to leave anyone out! Congrats to all my students on their final Branding, Book and Portfolio Designs!

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