CRAIG J. BARBER: Photolucida + Tintypes

Nancy & Toulouse, 2011
Photograph (c) Craig J. Barber

 Cody Washing Potatoes, 2013
Photograph (c) Craig J. Barber

Jared In His Sugarbush, 2010 
Photograph (c) Craig J. Barber

Craig J. Barber is a photographer who travels and works using antiquarian processes and focuses on the cultural landscape.  During the past 20 years he has  focused his camera on Viet Nam, Havana, and the Catskill region of New York State, documenting cultures in rapid transition and fading from memory.  In 2006 Umbrage Editions published his book, “Ghosts in the Landscape: Vietnam Revisited,” with text by curator Alison Nordstrom.
I met Barber at the recent Photolucida Portfolio Reviews in Portland with his series "Working The Land." He explained, "There are still those who continue a close relationship with the land and all it has to offer:  hunters, farmers, woodsmen, gardeners, foragers.  I want to recognize and honor these individuals and their commitment, in a series of portraits in their working environments. I have chosen to work with the tintype process for it's feeling of timelessness and it's aesthetic connection to an era when we were all closer to the land."

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