SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS: Fall 2015 MPS in Digital Photography Program

Clay McBride

Large Format Print Week with
Celebrity and Portrait Photographer Greg Gorman

Clareese Hill

Ksenia Tavrina

Photography Icon Bruce Davidson Lecture

Tom Ashe Reviewing Online Class Prints

The School of Visual Arts
Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography Program

The Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography is an intensive graduate degree program that addresses the technical and creative aspects of current digital image practices, which professional photographers and photo educators require to be at the vanguard of contemporary fine art, commercial, portrait, and fashion photography practices. Within the year, the diverse and talented students excel at producing technically outstanding and conceptually compelling images and multimedia projects, and are ideally positioned to pursue gallery representation, editorial or commercial work, as well as high-end digital retouching and consulting careers.

SVA offers two versions of the MPS Digital Photography Program; a full-time one-year On-campus/Summer Residency program for students that prefer learning in a classroom environment and a part-time two-year Online/Summer Residency for those who would benefit from the convenience and flexibility of the virtual learning experience. Both programs culminate with a summer session and group exhibition in New York City.

MPS Digital Photography Program Co-Founder and Chair, Katrin Eismann, is an internationally respected photographer, educator and author specializing in creative digital photography. Her books include Photoshop Masking and Compositing, Photoshop Restoration and Retouching, The Creative Digital Darkroom, and Real World Digital Photography, among others.

Applications for Fall 2015 MPS Digital Photography Program are being accepted now! Study with Elizabeth Avedon, Michael Foley, Greg Gorman, James Estrin, Tom P. Ashe, Darren and Debra Klomp Ching, Russell Hart, Stella Kramer, Matthew Richmond and Katrin Eismann, along with a roster of other greats! Check out the complete MPS Digital Photography Curriculum and Faculty [here].

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Greg Gorman said...

When asked what is the best photography school around these days amongst the many choices out there, I have always felt that SVA has always offered the strongest program with the broadest versatility in so many areas. I guess that's why I have chosen to teach there since its inception. And I always remind myself exactly how much I take away each year when I teach. An added bonus for sure.

Tom P. Ashe said...

Great post about our Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography program at SVA!